Anonymous: So, I've been identifying as demisexual for a while now, but I've only ever been strongly sexually attracted to one person, and possibly mildly sexually attracted to one or two more, but I'm not entirely sure about them. Since it's so few, could that be grey-asexual rather than demi? Then again, it's only the secondary sexual attraction in those few cases... is there a term grey-demisexual or something? That would fit me perfectly I think, if it exists.

Possibly my favorite thing about the entire GSM spectrum is that there really aren’t any limits to how you can combine words to get to an identity that fits who you are.  (I mean, being hetero-homosexual doesn’t make much logical sense to me, but two identities that aren’t mutually exclusive can totally be combined.)  So if you think that grey-demisexual is the term that fits you best, I see absolutely no reason why you can’t identify that way.

I do want to note that there’s no rule that says “you must have experienced secondary sexual attraction [x] number of times to be considered definitively demisexual” or “you can only be demisexual if you have experienced secondary sexual attraction less than [y] times.”  Demisexual works for anyone who only experiences secondary sexual attraction, regardless of how often it has happened to them.

I hope this helps!


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